Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a rich ERP solution that is well suited to companies that require a strong financial reporting with the flexibility to operate in a manufacturing, distribution or service environment.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives you the ability to adapt your business processes as you need to, in order to remain competitive. Rather than changing your business processses to suit your software solution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV adapts and evolves to match the way your business operates, or the way you need it to operate in the future. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can grow with your organizational practices and processes and allows your business management solution to change as rapidly as you change the way you do business.


AutoNAV™, powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is suited for Automotive and Repetitive Manufacturing. It is a complete ERP and manufacturing execution system that is designed to meet the unique challenges facing Automotive manufacturers.

AutoNAV Features

Cost Tracking
Need to know your true manufacturing costs? Want to use Standard Costs, but need to know the actual costs due to swings in raw material costs. This is available through the Product Cost History that tracks standard and actual costs by period along the corresponding sales.

Tooling Amortization
Once your products have completed PPAP, you need to recover your initial tooling investment. The Tooling Amortization manages this based on your actual production output.

Tooling Inventory and BOMs
Tooling management is a key part of the manufacturing process. You are able to create a Tooling Bill of Material for each product that you make. This allows you to plan and control your tooling.

Tool MRP
Utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics planning engine you are able to plan the replenishment of your tools and maintain the appropriate safety stocks. This becomes a closed loop system with the use of the Tool Accuracy funcationality.

Tool Usage Continuous Improvement
Use the Tool Data Worksheet to manage tool life as it fluctuates over time. This is used to improve the accuracy of the tool consumption.

Constrained Resource Planning
Manage for factory schedules by focusing on your constrained resources. This allows you to manage these resources and automatically adjust the supporting operations.

Container Tracking
Manage the movement of materials using serialized containers or bins. This allows you to track the containers and share the information with your sub-contractors.

Lot No. and Heat No. Tracking
Track the lot numbers for all of your products, tools, and raw materials. Additionally, the raw material heat number is included with finished products for easy tracking.

Obsolescence Management
Control your planning process based on the Obsolescence Date for the product. This will flag any affected planned production orders and require them to be approved within the Obsolescence window. Related Tools and raw materials will also be flagged and require approval during the Obsolescence window. The process is completed by notifying your vendors of the upcoming changes in demand for the raw material.

Vendor Releases
Manage your vendors and purchases through Blanket Purchase Orders. The results of the MRP process are used to create the releases for each vendor. The vendor releases include additional information about the demand for the raw material. If the raw material is used to only make a product that is becoming obsolete, then additional information is supplied with the release.

Sub Contractor Management
Only approved sub contractors can be included on the Routing for a product. This also, allows the sub contractor prices to be tightly controlled.

Detailed specifications by item and operation allow you to explicitly state what needs to be done by the sub contractor.

Item Status
Know where each production order is in its production cycle plus scrap and quarantine. This provides a real time view of your production status.

Sales – Surcharge Management
Manage surcharges by customer and item.

Sales – Price Management
Manage the pricing and have the system automatically implement and log all of the changes.

Integration Solutions
This is an area where Eximas’ skills and expertise have been leveraged to design and build specialized interfaces between external applications and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This has resulted in a wide range of solutions that are very tightly focused to large scalable interfaces.